Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

malechest copy 2Male breast development is sometimes a fact of life – in fact, excess development occurs in up to half of men. This condition, called gynecomastia, causes extra tissue and/or fat (pseudogynecomastia) to be present in the breasts, and often leads to self-consciousness about one’s appearance. Surgical correction is not only possible, but is a commonly performed procedure. With male breast reduction procedures, Dr. Timothy Best can treat gynecomastia and significantly reduce excess tissue or fat in the breasts. Our treatment process is always conducted with the highest commitment to safety and confidentiality. Dr. Best can help you meet your needs.

Male Breast Reduction Treatment

Gynecomastia is known to have a number of possible causes, including heredity, recent weight loss, and other factors. Male breast reduction can be a very effective way to address the condition with successful results.

Removal of fatty tissue and breast tissue is performed through short incisions to create a more pleasant male chest profile. In advanced cases, or after major weight loss, excess skin is also removed. Dr. Best is highly skilled with this procedure and will work to make any residual scarring as small and discreet as possible.

Prior to surgery, a thorough consultation is conducted by Dr. Best to determine your individual needs, and also to rule out any abnormal process that may be causing the breast development. Surgery is performed as a day-procedure, and patients are able to return home the first evening. Healing occurs over the first days and weeks, and ‘down time’ from work or school is kept to a minimum.

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