Post Weight Loss Surgery

weightlosssuccess2Congratulations! Félicitations! Complimenti! You have achieved your weight loss goal! No matter how you did it – dieting, exercise, surgery – significant weight loss is hard to accomplish, but well worth it! Sometimes, however, there is a frustrating issue remaining – excess and sagging skin. We tuck it in, cover it up, squish it with binders and girdles, but it remains a problem – this is where Dr. Timothy Best can help with surgery.

Deciding When to Have Surgery

When to do this surgery is a common question. As a general rule, at least 6 months of a stable weight is ideal – remember that further significant weight loss after surgery may recreate the problem, so waiting until you achieve a stable long-term weight is the best approach. Other issues that may need to be addressed prior to surgery include correction of nutritional problems (for example low iron leading to anemia), and malabsorption issues. Finally, 2 issues that are sometimes a bit difficult but are nonetheless very important to discuss – our emotional health and our level of physical fitness. We want to go into surgery in a healthy state of mind, realistic expectations, and a clear understanding of potential risks of surgery and alternative treatments. A good level of cardiovascular fitness also contributes to successful surgery, and speeds recovery from surgery. Both contribute to good outcomes, and to minimizing the risk of complications.

The other common question that Dr. Best helps patients address is what surgery or surgeries? Put it another way, how to set down our priorities? Dr. Best works with patients to determine a safe and satisfying surgical plan. It is often safe to combine surgeries, but not always. There are many factors that go into establishing each patient’s individual plan – Dr. Best enjoys helping patients prioritize their goals, fashioning them into their personal plan, then moving towards completion of surgery and recovery.

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