Other Tucks, Lifts and Corrections

body copy 4Arms and legs are also sometimes problem areas that can benefit from surgery. An arm tuck, or brachioplasty, is performed to tighten loose and sagging skin of the upper arm. Individuals who might benefit from this surgery include those who feel that their upper arms are too loose, have sagging skin, or whose upper arms are disproportionately large for their figure and limit their choice of clothing. The surgery ranges from a short scar lift, where the incisions and subsequent scars are limited to the axilla (armpit) and or high upper arm region, to a full lift including liposuction, with incisions down to the elbow from the axilla. This produces a scar down the back of the arm, which many brachioplasty patients accept in exchange for the reduction of excess skin and improved shape of the arm.

Dr. Timothy Best also performs thigh lifts, alone or in combination with liposuction to shape and tighten the thigh region. This surgery includes the mini-lift, which results in a scar placed in the groin crease, to extended lifts, for which the scar extends down the inner thigh towards the inner knee. Contouring fatty deposits around the knee with liposuction is commonly performed with these procedures, to further sculpt the leg profile. The extent of the surgery is individualized to each patient, taking into account their goals, and acceptance of scars necessary to remove excess skin.

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