neck-11Many of us experience an excess of skin and fat that accumulates in the neck. This can have an effect on our overall appearance and be the source of self-consciousness with the way we look. Neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to reduce excess fat and/or tighten the neck skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Dr. Timothy Best can perform advanced neck lift surgery to help you attain your goals with natural-looking results.

Neck Lift Treatment

Cosmetic surgery to the neck region can be performed as its own procedure, or as part of a facelift for a comprehensive facial and neck rejuvenation. Performed on its own, neck lift surgery can be an excellent way to reshape and contour the neck, correct sagging skin, and diminish signs of excess fat.

Various techniques can be used for this procedure, depending on the problem and your ultimate goals. Liposuction alone, through small incisions under the chin, is one way to achieve neck enhancement. Tightening of the skin and removal of excess skin through discreet incisions under the chin, combined with those hidden around the ear and into the hairline behind the ear, can also be an effective treatment technique. Each method has its own advantages to offer, and Dr. Best works with his patients to determine an individualized treatment programme to best suit their needs.

Neck lift surgery can typically be performed as a day-procedure. There is a recovery process associated with neck lift surgery; however, depending on your particular needs, you should be able to return home the day of treatment.

Neck lift procedures can help you significantly rejuvenate the appearance of the neck with results that are firmer and more youthful. It can be a very effective procedure on its own, or as a compliment to facial rejuvenation treatment.

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