Mommy Makeover

motherFor many women, pregnancy and childbirth is one of life’s greatest gifts. However, a woman’s body undergoes pronounced physical changes as a result – and some of these changes may not be fully correctable by exercise and weight control. Mommy Makeover surgery can allow you to reclaim much of your pre-pregnancy figure. The procedure usually involves a number of cosmetic enhancement options in a customized treatment to help you rejuvenate various areas that have been affected by pregnancy. Mommy Makeover procedures from our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Best, are usually performed in a single session of surgery, depending on the type and number of options desired.

Of the many sacrifices often asked of new mothers, your appearance does not have to be one of them. With Mommy Makeover treatments, Dr. Best can help you renew your body and enhance your confidence in the way you look.

Mommy Makeover Treatment Options

In addition to the abdominal area, pregnancy can cause a number of changes to the breasts and other body areas. Mommy Makeover treatments can include options to address abdominal muscles that have been stretched and pulled apart, which has lead to excess skin accumulation in the stomach; breasts that have lost volume and/or elasticity; localized fat deposits that can appear in virtually any body area; and signs of age and fatigue along the face.

Options included in a Mommy Makeover are based on your unique physical changes and desires for improvement. Dr. Best will meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your goals. He will go over all of your options with you and answer any questions you may have. Together, you and Dr. Best will determine the best choices for inclusion in a Mommy Makeover, and he will explain all aspects of the procedure and what you can expect.

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