Facial Procedures

At Best Aesthetic Surgery, our team is committed to helping you achieve your ideal facial appearance through advanced surgical and non-surgical options. To help your reach your aesthetic goals, Dr. Timothy Best will work closely with you to determine the most beneficial method for your unique needs. Whether you wish to turn back the clock with a rejuvenative procedure or treat another concern, Dr. Best offers the following facial plastic surgery procedures:

Facial Aging

Facial aging is a fact of life for all of us, and it imposes changes to our appearance that we often wish to reverse. The concept of “rejuvenation” has been with society since ancient times, with many searching throughout the ages for the mythological “Fountain of Youth.”

Plastic surgery is the medical approach to rejuvenation, and it starts with an understanding of the basic processes that contribute to our change of appearance over time. Three forces are at work: gravity, causing sagging of skin and tissue; the environment, causing deterioration of the quality of our skin; and deflation, particularly of the central face, causing a hollowed-out appearance.

Dr. Best’s approach to facial rejuvenation has evolved out of a belief that the standard plastic surgical approaches to this problem used in the past, and in common use today by many surgeons, only partially address the problem. Also, through discussions with many patients, he appreciates that many of us desire rejuvenation procedures and surgery but are afraid of “looking like I’ve had a facelift,” “weird,” or “different.” He agrees that standard approaches often fall short of meeting patients’ needs and at times produce an unnatural result–one only has to look at many celebrities that have undergone facial plastic surgery and now do not look like their former self.

Dr. Best’s approach to facial rejuvenation has evolved to his current methods, which address the three core problems of aging: sagging, skin deterioration, and central facial deflation. He has trained with current experts in these new techniques, including Drs. Patrick Tonnard and Alexis Verpaele of Gent, Belgium, and Dr. Richard Bensimon of Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

In your consultation with Dr. Best, he will listen to you concerns and rejuvenation wishes, analyze your issues, and then work together with you to devise a treatment plan individualized to achieving your goals. You are encouraged to bring photographs of the younger you to aid in the planning process.

Other Facial Surgery

Patients often seek Dr. Best’s help in altering the aesthetics of their face. Whether you feel your nose does not suit your face, your ears protrude outwards, or you have a heavy-looking neck, we offer many corrective surgical procedures for these and other concerns that you may have.

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